We are a congregation passionate about transforming people from EVERY NATION.

Passionate about WORSHIP

Passionate about FAMILIES,

Passionate about FRIENDSHIP

and passionate about REVIVAL

They are the founding pastors of Bet-El to the World,

located in Argentina.  

They are the presidents of the Bet-El Laamin Foundation (Home of G-d for the nations), a non-profit organization that works with soldiers with no family, children at risk and Spanish-speaking pastors in Israel.

Jorge Goldstein is an international lecturer, musician and professional photographer.

Jorge and Marcela are both creative writers about many different themes. Their literature has spread and has been used in the whole Spanish-speaking world for more than 25 years. Jorge and Marcela have been married for 33 years and were blessed with three children, who also serve the Lord in expanding His Kingdom.


In 2001 “Algo más que palabras” (‘More than Just Words’) started, which provides a feeding service to the most needed families in the city of Alejandro Korn, south area of Greater Buenos Aires.


Children under 13 and elder people are fed with a specific diet made by nutritionists. Participants are selected by social workers who carry out field studies on the city and the local hospital and primary schools.


This feeding program also offers medical and nutritional attention, dental assistance, counsel about legal matters, trade workshops and hairdresser services, among others.


All of this aims to taking love into action, and to being More than Just Words


Project: Hope is created in compliance with Matthew 25,

where the Lord Jesus put Himself in the position

of those who were in prison, hungry or sick.

Thus we created Hope Boxes to have an initial contact with inmates. We started this project at the Penitentiary Unit Nº1 Lisandro Olmos, teaming up with the Buenos Aires Penitentiary Service (S.P.B.) through the non-Catholic Cult Office, carrying love, hope and new opportunities to the prisons in Buenos Aires.


“Cambiando Vidas” (‘Changing Lives’) is a tool to help the homeless.


The Bet-El team work together with other volunteers to carry donations. They deliver food and clothes at two centric parks in Buenos Aires.


We deliver goods every week. Doctors and nurses join our team.


Also, once a week the temple doors are open so they can make use of the showers. They are provided with elements of hygiene and a tasty meal, and they are given foodstuff.

What is ETAM? From its initials in Spanish (Escuela de Teología, Arte y Música) ETAM is a Theology, Art and Music School for effective leadership.


We are a creative community with more than 20 years of experience. Our objective is to help you build up your abilities and transform your life through theological knowledge and different disciplines of art and music.


Classes are delivered by expert teachers who pass on their passion and excellency in every discipline.


Study at your own rate, setting your own agenda, no pressures!


There is one monthly on-site class to learn directly from the teacher at our facilities.


We also offer the possibility to take more than one subject per month, and to take the distance education program and adjust it to your own timetables and availability, from the comfort of your own home.


Fares are really affordable and we count with many payment methods.

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What is Worship Training?


It is a comprehensive music training area. You’ll be amazed by its dynamics!Directed by Jorge Goldstein, graduated in Art Sciences, with more than 25 years-experience in the world of art and music.


Worship Training.


The objective of this department is to train worshippers, composers and psalmists. It’s a customizable and/or group fun teaching of vocal development and music perceptive audio, visual training through videos, relaxation and corporal expression.


Worship Training also includes training in orchestration, creating art and excellency for Jesus.




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