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In 2001 “Algo más que palabras” (‘More than Just Words’) started, which provides a feeding service to the most needed families in the city of Alejandro Korn, south area of Greater Buenos Aires.


Children under 13 and elder people are fed with a specific diet made by nutritionists. Participants are selected by social workers who carry out field studies on the city and the local hospital and primary schools.


This feeding program also offers medical and nutritional attention, dental assistance, counsel about legal matters, trade workshops and hairdresser services, among others.


All of this aims to taking love into action, and to being More than Just Words.

Watch real testimonies:

We helped Pablo to carry out his retirement procedures. Now he just wants us to come by to spend some time with him. We’ve been together for 16 years.

Héctor had alcohol issues. His life was changed by Jesus, and he is thankful for what he has received, for that love he got every week. He’s been part of the feeding program for 12 years.

We started to assist Nélida 2 years ago, and she received support and love until the last of her days.

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